WOTA covers SXSW Film – Hunter Gatherer

Writing on the Air was lucky enough to be able to cover the 2016 SXSW Film Festival that descended on Austin earlier this March.

Hunter Gatherer

Co-host Lisa Onland sat down with the directors of three films that premiered at the festival. Following the world premiere of Hunter Gatherer, she met with the film’s writer and director Josh Locy as well as lead actor Andre Royo who picked up a Special Jury Recognition award for Best Actor in the SXSW Feature Film Jury Awards.

Listen to the full interview with Josh and Andre below or on our iTunes podcast:

About the film:

Ashley Douglas thinks everything should fall into place when he’s released after three years in prison. When that doesn’t happen, he restarts his life with next to nothing: no friends, no lovers, no connections. All he has is a bedroom in his mom’s house, a box of treasures buried in his backyard, and a deeply ingrained need to be with Linda — his one, true love – who has moved on without him.

Ashley sees an opportunity in the form of Jeremy, an eccentric loner. They start a two-man business of dumping unwanted refrigerators for cash, which Ashley hopes will get Linda back and Jeremy hopes will help his ailing grandfather. As their partnership takes hold, a friendship flourishes – though their fates are very much still up in the air.

About the director:

Josh Locy, writer/director, was born in the mountains of Virginia, studied literature in east Tennessee and, after deciding against becoming a Southern Baptist minister, moved to Los Angeles in 2004 to pursue his dream of making feature films.

In 2007, Josh was given an amazing opportunity. As assistant to David Gordon Green, Josh had a front row seat to the work of an important independent American voice. Not only did Josh use this opportunity to learn the process of filmmaking, he also took advantage of key moments to have his voice heard. David’s work and work ethic are a constant influence and encouragement to Josh and his projects.

In 2010, through his work in film and commercials, Josh became a member IATSE local 800, the Art Director’s Guild, and has worked in this capacity for many great filmmakers including David O. Russell, David Gordon Green, and Peter Berg, among many others. His work as a production designer, while in itself a true creative outlet, has increased Josh’s film knowledge and fueled his passion for making films.