Sunni Soper

Join us this Wednesday as we talk with spoken word artist Sunni Soper.

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Sunni Soper’s voice is direct and strong, yet warm and inviting. Her East Coast accent is infused with a whimsical vibe drawn from the West and a breezy meter reminiscent of an Austin summer evening. Her words transcend region, time and genre to present audiences with moments that immediately resonate – at once familiar, but unmistakably fresh.


Is this spoken word or hip hop? Forget the question. Forget such arbitrary lines of artistic boundary. Like those of state and city borders, some lines are best ignored. Instead, focus on Sunni’s lines. Linger in the air between breaths and the scenes brought together through rhyme.



-Owner, Sunni Soper Poetry, July 2014

-Released 15 track, spoken word album “For Public Consumption,” August 2014

-Feature performances in Austin, Taylor and Killeen, 2014 and 2015

-Featured speaker, Roe Vs. Wade Anniversary Celebration, January 2015

-Opener (Original material) and Master of Ceremonies, The Vagina Monologues, February 2015

-Assistant Volunteer Coordinator, Austin International Poetry Festival, April 2015

For more info, we invite you to visit her website.