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This week, we’re catching up with Owen Egerton. His latest novel, HOLLOW, was released yesterday by Soft Skull Press.

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Owen Egerton is an author, screenwriter, director and performer. His latest novel is HOLLOW (Soft Skull Press, July 11, 2017).

He has written five previous books — This Word Now (2016), co-written with his wife, Jodi Egerton, Marshall Hollenzer Is Driving (iUniverse, 2000), Everyone Says That at the End of the World (Soft Skull Press, 2013), the short story collection How Best To Avoid Dying: Stories (Soft Skull Press, 2014), and The Book of Harold: The Illegitimate Son of God (Soft Skull Press, 2012). The Book of Harold is in development as a TV series with Warner Brothers.


Owen wrote the screenplay for the feature film, VILLISCA that premiered at the 2016 LA Film Festival. He’s also written screenplays for Warner Brothers, Fox, Disney and many others.  He also contributes frequently to Salon, Huffington Post, and the Austin Chronicle

Owen wrote and directed the horror-thriller, FOLLOW (2015) that went on to be nominated for Best American Independent Feature Film at the Cleveland International Film Festival. He wrote and directed the “short” of FOLLOW (2013), as well, which was nominated for the SXSW 2013 Competition Award.

Owen has also appeared in front of the camera. He plays “Asparagus” in the film, Fun with Hackley: Axe Murderer out this year. He’s also seen in the films Open Windows (2014), Ultimate Guide to Flight (2010), and he starred in the short comedy film, The Dreamer (2008). He appeared in the TV series, Austin Movie Show (2006-7), as well as the documentaries, The Making of ‘Open Windows’ (2014), and The People vs. George Lucas (2010).

 Here in Austin, Owen performed his self-written, one-man show, The Other Side of Sleep at Austin’s Zachary Scott Theatre. As a comedian specializing in improv, he performed with the award-winning The Sinus Show and Master Pancake Theatre, and is the former artistic director of Austin’s National Comedy Theatre. He performed with ComedySportz for many years and was a member of the (faux) boy band, Cedar Fever, and The Pie and Ear. Owen has also been named Austin’s Best Author seven times by the Austin Chronicle readers’ poll, plus he has a monthly radio show on KUT called, “The Write Up.” 

Owen received an MFA from Texas State University and has taught creative writing at the graduate and undergraduate level. He and his wife, Jodi live in Austin with their children.


In Praise of HOLLOW (Soft Skull Press, July 11, 2017)

“Oliver Bonds, the protagonist of Austin writer Owen Egerton’s third novel, Hollow, is a modern-day Job: a beloved religious studies professor at the University of Texas who, after his toddler son dies, hits bottom―and believes he might find some sort of solace in an undiscovered land at the center of the earth. There’s profound sorrow to be found here, but great wit too: ‘I pictured my monthly paycheck stretched over our expenses like a queen sheet on a king-sized bed.'” ―Texas Monthly

“I was blown away by Owen Egerton’s achingly beautiful, compulsively readable tale of a man who has lost his son, and himself. Hollow is filled to the brim with wonder and the sadness of being human, and I found myself laughing and tearing up on the same page. This is an adventure story with a tremendous heart. I couldn’t put it down.” ―Sarah Hepola author of Blackout: Remembering The Things I Drank To Forget


When Oliver Bonds, a revered religious studies professor at the University of Texas, loses his toddler son and undergoes intense legal scrutiny over his involvement, grief engulfs him completely. His life is upended; Oliver loses his wife, home, and faith. Three years after his son’s death, Oliver lives in a shack without electricity and frequents the soup kitchen where he used to volunteer. It’s only when befriended by Lyle, a con artist with a passion for theories of Hollow Earth, that Oliver begins to reengage with the world. Oliver too becomes convinced that the inside of the planet might contain a different realm. Desperate to find a place where he can escape his past, Oliver chases after the most unlikely of miracles.

With unforgettable characters, wild imagery, and dark humor, Hollow explores the depths of doubt and hope, stretching past grief and into the space where we truly begin to heal. –Soft Skull Press

For more information, please see OwenEgerton.com.  You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.