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This Wednesday 11.17.10 we will be talking with a panel of writers who are with micro publishers or who are self published about the state of publishing today and where we are going. Please join us from 6pm till 7pm Central Texas Time on the radio LIVE. If you have specific questions, please email them to me before the show. Thanks!

Our guests are Christine and Ethan Rose, Denniger Bolton, and Robert Stikmanz.

Following are their bios:

Christine and Ethan Rose are the authors of the award-winning YA fantasy series Rowan of the Wood. They travel the country promoting their books in a fancifully painted RV affectionately called the Geekalicious Gypsy Caravan. In addition to their writing duties, they run Blue Moose Press, an author coop offering independent authors a publishing alternative. Read more about the authors and their series on Rowan of the Wood

Christine Rose: Christine and Ethan Rose. Follow Me: twitter.com/christinerose

Rowan of the Wood * YA fantasy novel * Indie Excellence 2009 Award Winner * National Best Books 2008 Awards Finalist Witch on the Water: Book Two in the Rowan of the Wood fantasy series Fire of the Fey: Book Three in the series

After a millennium of imprisonment in his magic wand, an ancient wizard possesses the young boy who released him.  When danger is nigh, he emerges from the frightened child to set things right.  Both he and the boy try to grasp what has happened to them only to discover a deeper problem. Somehow the wizard’s bride from the ancient past has survived and become something evil.  Rowan of the Wood

Denniger Bolton wanted to write a novel with a setting in Austin.  It needed to have a title that was easily recognizable to Austinites since his marketing plan was to focus on selling his book to the readers of Austin.

His genre is mystery and action/adventure, but he calls himself a humorist.

“Hippie Hollow – Murder on a Nude Beach” was that novel.  And it has become an underground, grassroots, success.  Since Hippie Hollow came out during the Christmas season of 2006, he has written two more novels in the series, “The Armadillo Whisperer – Murder Behind Bars” and “Honk If You’re Jesus – Murder by the Bay” with a setting not only in Austin, but in San Francisco and Taos.  These novels are also selling very well.  He is currently writing a fourth novel, “Cowboy on Fire – Murder Under the Volcano,” with a setting in Costa Rica and Cuba.

His protagonist is of course, and Austinite, a rodeo cowboy, bouncer on 6th Street, turned private eye.  His books are available at Javelina Books, on Denniger Bolton‘s person website, and at Book People bookstore in Austin, and on Amazon.

He decided to self-publish because of the long wait to get his books in print with the traditional publishing model, and starting up one’s own publishing company, allowed him to make a much higher rate of return.

This publishing company is Javelina Books of Austin, Texas, which publishes his own titles as well as the titles of two other authors.  He is developing a non-fiction book about the publishing business, titled “How to Write, Publish & Make a Living from Your Book – In 7 Easy Steps.”

You may contact Denniger at Denniger@javelinabooks.com.

Texas native and long time Austin resident Robert Stikmanz is author of “The Hidden Lands of Nod,” an enlarging cycle of off-beat fantasy novels. Active in the Austin small press renaissance of the 1980s, he was associated as a writer, illustrator and/or editor with such journals as “Aileron,” “The Argonaut,” “The Cannon,” “Austin Duckweed,” ‘Lone Star Socialist” and “Window Magazine.” He produced a self-published edition of his first novel, “Prelude to a Change of Mind,” in 2000. This was superseded in 2007 when a local, independent publisher brought out a revised edition of the book as the first of four titles. The Blue Moose Press began bringing out new editions of his existing titles with a third edition of “Prelude to a Change of Mind” in June of this year, followed by a revised and expanded edition of the sequel, “Entranscing,” in October. Revised editions of his third novel, “Sleeper Awakes,” and the companion work, “Nod’s Way,” are currently in preparation. Interested parties may find out more on Robert Stikmanz‘s website.

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