Kathy Valentine

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Please listen Wednesday as we talk with musician/songwriter, Kathy Valentine, best known for her work in The Go-Go’s, the most successful all-female band of all time, and for her new band, The BlueBonnets.

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Kathy Valentine is a multi-talented guitarist and songwriter. On top of The Go-Go’s, and The BlueBonnets, Kathy Valentine has continued her career of songwriting, recording, performing and touring, but here’s something you may not know – Kathy Valentine is also a writer, close to completing her Fine Arts/ English degree from St. Edward’s University.

Her love affair with music began while attending “a hippie commune high school” in Austin, and listening to the Beatles, Stones, Motown and girl groups, plus the Vaughan brothers, Jimmie and Stevie Ray.

On a trip to London with her English mother at age 15, Kathy caught glitter rock star Suzi Quatro performing on the telly wearing black leather and playing the electric guitar, and wanted one immediately.

She started a few high school bands, almost went on the road with the British female headbangers Girlschool, and played in Austin’s first punk band, The Violators alongside Austin’s  own Jesse Sublett. Then, a couple of years after moving to Los Angeles at age 18 to form The Textones, Kathy became the bass guitarist for The Go-Go’s, and the rest, they say, is history.  And, here’s a little-known fact — she wrote two of the band’s biggest hits, “Vacation,” and “Head Over Heels.”

Tune in Wednesday to hear what’s happening now and coming next for  Kathy Valentine.  You can learn more about her at KathyValentine.com