François Pointeau and Kimberly Brady

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This week Dillon will be talking with our own François Pointeau about his project with Kimberly Brady. They have been in France for a month, working on The Southern France Wine & Writing Project.

Listen to the Interview.

The Southern France Wine & Writing Project is a book writing & publishing project. Kimberly and François are writing a travel-wine book illustrated with sketches and photography. They traveled to France on the first week of September, visiting Avignon, Orange, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Seguret, and many other villages and towns in the wine country. Their tour included visiting to wineries, interviewing the winemaking staff, taking pictures of the harvest, and breaking bread with the locals.

They picked the month of September because that is when the harvest happens, Les Vendanges! They’ve captured the community of wine production in action. Learn more about the project here.