Dustin Welch

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Grammy nominated songwriter, Dustin Welch joins us this week. His latest album is TIUJANA BIBLE. (Super Rooster Records).

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Dustin Welch

Dustin Welch was exposed to the literary value of song at an early age and formed his own unique style of storytelling. He received a Grammy Award nomination for his songwriting on the 2012 John Fullbright album, From the Ground Up.

A Nashville native, Dustin was raised among the sons and daughters of songwriters, fiddle players, guitarists, banjo and piano players. As the friends grew up together, they had the distinct advantage of being able to ask how to do things from the very people making the records they were listening to. Probably inspired largely by his early exposure to Bela Fleck’s evolutionary approach to the banjo, Dustin devised a unique style of his own — bare-fingered, open tuning, Appalachian flavored grooves and melodies coupled with literate lyrics, strange and beautiful, and the songs kept coming.



In 2006 Dustin was a touring member of the Celtic-fused punk rock group the Scotch Greens, playing shows across the U.S. and Europe. After that, he followed his younger sister Savannah Welch (The Trishas) to Austin, and soon began work on what would be his debut solo album, WHISKEY PRIEST. Next came the album, TIUJANA BIBLE. The music on the albums have been called a mix of Americana, rock, country, punk, blues and folk.

TIJUANA BIBLE - Dustin Welch

TIJUANA BIBLE – Dustin Welch

Apart from his solo career, he’s worked actively as a session musician in the Austin scene and volunteers his time at Soldier Songs and Voices which he co-founded in 2011, bringing songwriting and guitar workshops for veterans suffering from brain injuries and PTSD. Soldier Songs and Voices now has 11 chapters across the country. Dustin has recently returned from his second Soldier Songs tour of Australia with his father, accomplished songwriter/musician, Kevin Welch.

For more information, you can visit DustinWelch.com. He is also on Facebook and Twitter.