David Courtney

Author and journalist David Courtney joins us this week. We’ll be chatting with David about his new book, The Texanist: Fine Advice on Living in Texas (University of Texas Press, April 25, 2017).

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The Texanist, Illustration by Jack Unruh

David Courtney is the co-author of  The Texanist: Fine Advice on Living in Texas (University of Texas Press, April 25, 2017), with the late illustrator, Jack UnruhThe Texanist  is a “best of” compilation of David’s popular tongue-in-cheek advice column the “Texanist” in Texas Monthly magazine, also with illustrations by Jack Unruh. The “Texanist” column is Texas Monthly’s most-read feature. The “Texanist” column debuted in 2007, and was promoted to the back page in 2010.

David serves as assistant editor of Texas Monthly magazine.  In addition to the “Texanist” column, he has contributed to such features as the annual Bum Steer Awards, “The 50 Greatest Hamburgers in Texas,” “The 40 Best Small-Town Cafes,” “Snap Judgment” and “Water, Water Everywhere,” for which he swam buck-naked in Lake Travis.  

David holds a BA from the University of Texas. He was born and raised in Temple, Texas and lives in Austin with his wife and daughter.  

Jack Unruh (1935–2016) was an award-winning illustrator whose art was featured in numerous publications, including Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Atlantic Monthly, Time, Sports Illustrated, Readers Digest, New York Magazine, National Geographic, Sports Afield, Field and Stream, and GQ. His work was included in Communication Arts Illustration Annual since its inception and also appeared in numerous issues of American Illustration, Graphis, AIGA, and Print.

ABOUT  The Texanist: Fine Advice on Living in Texas

The “Texanist,” Texas Monthly‘s perennially popular back-page column, has become the magazine’s most-read feature. With an inimitable style and an unassailable wholesomeness, columnist David Courtney has counseled many a well-intentioned Texan, native or wannabe, on how to properly conduct him- or herself. Until the July 2016 issue, an original illustration by the late award-winning artist Jack Unruh, depicting the Texanist in a situation described in the column, accompanied the Texanist’s sage wisdom. Unruh’s peerless illustrations displayed a sly wit that paired perfectly with Courtney’s humorous ripostes.

The Texanist: Fine Advice on Living in Texas gathers several dozen of Unruh’s most unforgettable illustrations, along with the fascinating, perplexing, and even downright weird questions that inspired them. Curing the curious, exorcizing bedevilment, and orienting the disoriented, the Texanist advises on such things as: Is it wrong to wear your football team’s jersey to church? When out at a dancehall, do you need to stick with the one that brung ya? Is it real Tex-Mex if it’s served with a side of black beans? Can one have too many Texas-themed tattoos? The Texanist addresses all of these important subjects and more. Whether you heed the good guidance, or just enjoy the whimsical illustrations, The Texanist will both entertain and educate you. –University of Texas Press


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