Claiborne “Clay” Smith

Claiborne “Clay” Smith, Editor in Chief of Kirkus Reviews is our guest this Wednesday on Writing On the Air. . 

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Ever wonder how certain books become bestsellers?

That new author you’ve never heard of before shows up in People magazine, and they’re killing it on Amazon?  Just where is that famous intersection where talent and opportunity meet?  Join us this week as we talk with Clay Smith, Editor in Chief of Kirkus Reviews.

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Photo by Michael Thad Carter


A man with deep Texas roots, Clay Smith is the literary director of the San Antonio Book Festival and the former literary director of the Texas Book Festival. He began his journalism career at the Austin Chronicle where he was Senior Editor covering books, and had a journalism fellowship at the Dallas Observer.

Clay is a graduate of the Cultural Reporting and Criticism graduate program at New York University, where he received the prestigious Edwin Diamond Award.  He’s done work for the Sundance Film Festival, and his articles have appeared in Newsday, Publishers Weekly, Daily Beast,, and Elle Décor, among others. Earlier this year, he joined the board of directors of the National Book Critics Circle .

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