Bryce Milligan

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This week host Dora Robinson will talk with writer and folksinger Bryce Milligan.

Listen to the Interview.

Born in Dallas, Texas, Bryce Milligan has lived in San Antonio since 1977.

Recent honors include the Gemini Ink Award for Literary Excellence (2011) and St. Mary’s University’s Presidential Art of Peace Award.

As a writer, he has been a newspaper columnist, a freelance journalist, a scholar, a novelist, a poet, a playwright, and an essayist. He has been the publisher, editor and designer for Wings Press since 1995.

Among other things, he is a folksinger/songwriter and a maker of guitars, drums and dulcimers. He has been at various times a rare book bibliographer and appraiser, a college English and creative writing instructor, a poet-in-the-schools, director of the country’s only 4-year high school creative writing program, director of the San Antonio Inter-American Book Fair, and founding director of the Hijas del Quinto Sol/Latina Letters conference. It has been an interesting life.

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