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This week we speak with Charlotte Gullick and her Austin Community College creative writing students and student editors from the Rio Review.

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Charlotte Gullick is a novelist, essayist, editor, educator and Chair of the Creative Writing Department at Austin Community College.

Charlotte’s first novel, By Way of Water, was published by Blue Hen Books/Penguin Putnam and was chosen by Jayne Anne Phillips as the Grande Prize Winner of the Santa Fe Writer’s Project in 2002 and was re-published in October 2013 by the Santa Fe Writer’s Project. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Nonfiction at the Institute of American Indian Arts.


Student Editors:

   Luis Escajeda originates from Laredo, Texas. When he isn’t working, you can find him biking around the downtown area. He is most appreciative of moments when he finds himself struck with inspiration or in contact with genuine emotions.

   Sonia Natalka is pursuing an Associates Degree in creative writing at Austin Community College, and is currently interested in writing flash fiction and interlocking short stories. When not   preoccupied with the private lives of pronouns and micro-expressions, she plays mahjongg, and dances Balboa in Austin, Texas.

   Simone Warner graduates from UT this December with her Bachelor’s in French. Upon graduating, Simone is moving to the French Caribbean where she will celebrate the birth of her first child with her loving husband. She plans to finish her first novel, X, in the coming year.

Student Writers:

   Tyler Hyatt is a student at Austin Community College, hoping to study education at the University of Texas. He is from Weatherford, Texas.

   Derek Kalaaukahi is a part-time student at ACC who decided to take a creative writing course to tell his story.

   M.B. McDonald has lived in and around Austin his entire life. He is enrolled in ACC’s Accelerated Programmer Training and focuses on all forms of fiction that deal with the underground alleys of life.


You can learn more about the Austin Community College Creative Writing Program, by visiting their website, You can learn more about the Rio Review HERE.