20th Annual Austin International Poetry Festival

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This week is a panel show, featuring the people behind the 20th Annual Austin International Poetry Festival.

Barbara Youngblood Carr

Barbara is Award-winning native-born author/ storyteller/ humorist/ musician/ Editor. She has published seventeen books of poetry/prose and short stories based on her Native American Cherokee heritage and her Texas/ Southwestern/ Southern upbringing. She is an Austin poetic icon.

Lynn Wheeler-Brandstetter

Lynn was born in British Columbia, Canada and moved to Brownsville in 1980. She then moved to Austin, where she attended Austin Community College. She is currently employed with Texas Department of Housing And Community Affairs. Her commitment in serving the residents of Texas makes a profound difference in other people’s lives and provides her with satisfaction. She enjoys writing poetry based on her current and Past experiences. Her love and creativity are gifts she shares, hoping to touch lives and the people she encounters.

Jame Jacobs

James is a poetry newbie and joined API to help the group get organized. Most of James’ career has been spent working in nonprofit groups – he has held positions as CFO and COO for multi-million dollar groups. Nonprofits are his passion. James has two wonderful children Emily Gertrude and Alexander James – he enjoys spending time with them along with growing a potted tomato plant garden. James and Emily live in East Austin and Alex lives in Michigan with his mom.