The Texas Sapphires

Post-Show Information

Listen to the podcast of The Texas Sapphires on Writing on the Air.  To find out more about Rebecca, Billy Brent and The Texas Sapphires , you may visit their website at Dillon and Lee sure enjoyed the pickin’, stories of frogs, soulful oscillating Americana music from Billy Brent, Rebecca and Vence. We wish them much success in the new album, As He Wanders.

Pre-Show Information

Please join us for our special in studio guests, The Texas Sapphires, on Wednesday, March 31, 2010, at 6:00 pm CST.  See the Live Shows page for more information for hearing the show.

“The most recent band that has made me feel that sickly shade of green are The Texas Sapphires (OfficialMyspace). Their upcoming sophomore CD, As He Wanders (Ike) is an absolute gem (get it? Sapphires, “gem”…yeah, I’m hilarious). The vocals and harmonies between Rebecca Lucille Cannon and Billy Brent Malkus are reminiscent of fellow Austin co-ed honky-tonk harmonizers Josh Zee and Teal Collins from The Mother Truckers, especially on the opening track, “Nashville Moon”. While not as rambunctious as the Truckers, the Sapphiers possess an old school ethos as many of the album’s tracks would feel at home on some of the sparsely produced greats from 1970’s Red Headed Stranger-era Austin. In fact, after listening to the album a couple of times, I felt as though the band itself would also feel rather at-home in that era, gigging at the World Armadillo Headquarters perhaps.” [Source:]