Thee Unseen Eye

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This week, our guest is the musical group Thee Unseen Eye.


Sonny James- guitar, vocals
Eve Monsees- guitar, vocals
Mike Buck- drums, vocals
The Mighty Gil T.- bass, vocals

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And, in their own words:

Eve: “I grew up in Austin along with Gary Clark Jr. At the age of 12 I got my first guitar. We both got in to Blues music and started playing around Austin at age 15. I started working at Antone’s Record Shop and now co own the store along with Mike Buck. Mike and I have a couple of bands together including Eve and the Exiles.”

Sonny: “I was born a black-indian-pawnbroker…… I have been doing music stuff an word things for a while… After my first marriage, I got the blues an started to do blues music, duh!… I started off in Houston playing with the Greats like Lil Joe Washington, Shitshuvolin Stan, Penitaitree Pete, an others….. Moved to Austin in 2000 while runnin from the Rightwing colinic a-gin-da….. we came to Austin where I now play with these guys when they find time to do the thing we do….”

Gil: “Hello Francois, I’m a very long winded Bass player with lots of stories to interject and or interrupt with, as you’ll see if I’m afforded a microphone. Go ahead, light the fuse! Fate has brought me to this unholy order, Thee Unseen Eye. Good fate I’d say. I have a much more elaborate bio you can see on the info section of my FB page “The Mighty Gil T”.. but that’s boring. I don’t mind improvisation at all.”

Mike: “from Fort Worth …been making a racket on drums for too many years.”