The Rollfast Ramblers

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Francois will host the show, and will talk with the members of the musical group, The Rollfast Ramblers.

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The Rollfast Ramblers is a recently-formed western swing and classic country group in Austin, Tx. Comprised of four-to-five members at any given time, they seek to add a new spin to old genres, and bring their own tunes to bear in the doing of it. From lonesome cowboy tunes to jumpin’ swing numbers, they run the gamut of country and western music. Three of its members are cyclists of various backgrounds, including Wes Davis, from Fort Worth Tx, frontman and rhythm guitarist. Ben “Sparky” Sparks plays bass, rides bikes, collects old stuff and isn’t from Texas. Michael Small slid in recently with the incomprehensible pedal steel. Ryan Galbraith is mighty handy with a drum kit, and cracks wise when he’s not playing, riding a bike, or teaching children sports. Michael “Slim” Small recently slid in with a pedal steel, hailing originally from just outside of Denver, Colorado, by way of California. He once played lead guitar, but admits to having forgotten everything about it since he picked up the pedal steel, 15 years ago. Though these are the core members, others have been known to drop in every now and then, and all make for a great time on stage.