Karen Chisholm

Karen Chisholm visited Writing on the Air on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 for a delightful interview.

Karen’s Bio…

Karen Chisholm is an emerging Austin, Texas musician, singer, and songwriter who artfully combines soulful, sweet vocals, with memorable lyrics and haunting melodies. A true professional, she lights up the stage and captivates her audience from the minute she sings her first note. Surrounded by great artists, she has recorded with the talent of AlphaRev (Hollywood Records): Brian Batch, Dave Wiley; Tanya Winch, Elizabeth Wills (Sony Records), Ramy Antoun (BlackEyed Peas, Goldspot), J.J. Plascencio (Six Pence None the Richer), Sergio Andrade (formerly Lifehouse), Jacob Hildebrand (Deadman), Frank Favacho (Second Day Red), Jon Napier, and Colin McDonald. Karen writes in a cinema-graphic style and hopes to one day write for film. She is releasing two albums and two music videos in 2010. To date Karen has written nearly 60 songs. “Even though I’m on stage a lot, writing is a very solitary pursuit,” she says. “I spend a lot of late nights at home . . . writing, researching, playing, singing, practicing over and over and over! I tried to stop once, it didn’t work out so well.”