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Wednesday 26 January 2011, you can tune in at 91.7 FM if you’re in Austin, Texas, or you can stream the show live on KOOP.org.

Award-winning artist Karen Chisholm is quickly rising above Austin’s sea of singer-songwriting talent with originals that range from addictive pop to dark, sensual blues to in-your-face rhythmic rock. With a sweet, pure voice and lyrics that live in your head, Chisholm brings life to the stage — the good and the bad — full of the sound of being human. She has recorded with major label musicians and she enjoys a substantial local and international fan base in Austin, Texas area with local and internet radio airplay.

Chisholm has many times been referred to as “a force of nature” by Austin industry veterans. She hit the music scene with a refreshing determination to just go for it. Her first full-length album called “Random Year” was just released in September 2010, a full-length video called Snow Globe was released in October, which won itʼs first award in November. She is releasing an animated film short inspired by her song Rhapsody will be released in February, and she has another secret title video set for release in April that she actually filmed more than a year ago.

Her animated film short called “Rhapsody” was produced with the help of Troy Campbell of Collection Agency Films, animated and directed by Dano Johnson, and illustrated by Cameron Petri. Though the video is finished, Chisholm is needing to raise the funding to do a full release, hopefully in February.

To help her raise funds, she is using an online fundraising tool called Kickstarter which follows an all or nothing approach to fundraising. She hopes to raise $6000 by Feb 4, 2011 to help her do a full- release of the video. If she raises more than that, she hopes to use that to pay off the loan to pay for the projects.

Chisholm has played and collaborated with a legion of well-known artists and musicians during her seven years of stage and recording experience. Many have appeared on her CDs, including Ramy Antoun (Blackeyed Peas and Seal); Dave Wiley and Brian Batch from Alpha Rev (Hollywood Records); J.J. Placensio of Sixpence None the Richer; Elizabeth Wills, who is produced by Mark Hallman; Jacob Hildebrand of Deadman; Sergio Andrade (Lifehouse); Frank Favacho of Second Day Red, and Jon Napier and Colin McDonald.

Chisholm is a graphic designer and image branding consultant and helps companies with their social media management, and marketing. A mother of two, she was born and raised in Michigan, but found her way down to Texas as soon as she could where she fell in love with the music scene.

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Recent Press Quotes:

“Karen Chisholm is quickly rising above Austin’s sea of singer-songwriting talent with songs that range from addictive pop to dark, sensual blues to in-your-face rhythmic rock.”
Dane Anderson, Westlake Picayune

“Karen Chisholm has a sound that’s part roots rock, part triple A. Think a little Sheryl Crow, a little Dido. A confident singer able to convey emotion and keep up with her spirited band, the Austin- based artist has a way with lyrics and hooks . . . mixing grit with sugar.”
Deborah Crooks for Rockin’ Moms

“Karen Chisholm’s ‘Random Year’ CD stirs the soul with her lyrics and voice . . . I Like You takes me back to my first awkward crush . . . Chisholm will have you yearning, chilling, burning, loving and longing for childhood charms and long lost loves…or, relief from deep rooted pain.”
Jack Dennis, San Antonio Headlines Examiner

“Great album . . . well worth picking up.”
Pete Harris, Indie Sounds from NY and Austin – Harris Radio

“Her songs have melodies and pop sensibilities that stick around in my head,” Barber said. “People mostly have to like you first and then your music. Karen was different. She has true star quality. People are drawn to her right away.”
Gretchen Barber, 30 Year Music Industry Veteran

“It’s honest songwriting,” McKinsey said. “She writes into the pain, honors the pain. You can hear her processing through situations, and the hook lines seem to come to her. She has met the enemy, and she won.”
Dillion McKensy, KOOP 91.7 FM Radio

“Karen stood out . . . her songs, yes, but more than the songs – it is her passion that turned me into one of her biggest fans. She is an artist, not a hobbyist, a woman whose songs lilt across the stage into the crowd and find resonance in the hearts of her listeners. It is the radiance in her face, which reflects the love in her heart [because] she is making contact, that makes her one of the town’s most beautiful people on stage.”
Duggan Flanakin, Austin Music Journalist