Daniel Whittington & Kalu James

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This week, your host Francois Pointeau talks with singer songwriters Daniel Whittington & Kalu James.

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Daniel Whittington has a sound that covers a lot of territory. He spent years playing drums with various blues and Texas rock bands in the area surrounding Austin, TX, and he spent the better part of 6 years on the road touring across the entire US, Canada, and parts of England with his band, that was signed to UK based record label.

Kalu James says, “Music is a journal for me. It’s a way for me to express and chronicle my days. Some people have diaries. I have music. Instead of defining myself by putting my music in a box called a ‘genre,’ I consider it ‘feel’ music. I want to connect to people by letting them know how I feel. Maybe they feel that way, too, and it creates a link between us.”