Daniel Whittington

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Daniel Whittington will be on WOTA Wednesday 5 January 2011. Our first show of 2011! To talk about his new projects, musical and otherwise. I hear he’s bringing his guitar.

Brian will not be able to join us unfortunately, however, we will be playing some of his music. So don’t miss out!

This is going to be one hell of a show!

Please join us from 6pm till 7pm Central Texas Time on your local Austin FM dial 91.7, or stream us live anywhere around the world at KOOP.org

See you on the radio!

Daniel Whittington:

Daniel Whittington has a sound that covers a lot of territory. He spent years playing drums with various blues and Texas rock bands in the area surrounding Austin, TX. Daniel spent the better part of 6 years on the road touring across the entire US, Canada, and parts of England with his band, that was signed to UK based Furious Records.

After leaving the band he dug back into the songs that he had been writing during that time on the road combining the folk and Americana influences that he has from his time growing up in the Folk scene of Central Texas, and the harder sound he cultivated when writing and recording with the roots rock band, Rhodes. The last Rhodes album, Half a Mind To Stay, was released in 2007 to critical acclaim, and even garnered them an opening slot with Aerosmith in the summer of 2007.

His latest songs have begun to take him back down the path of his early musical leanings, and he has cultivated a list of music that covers a wide sonic range from simple folk music to classic and Texas rock.

Brian Douglas Phillips

Brian Douglas Phillips divides himself into East and West. The East is a familiar home, overgrown with hazy memories and rocking chairs; stories are settled deep in its soil. The West is not as welcoming — angry winds howl across the high prairie, buzzards sneer from twisted limbs … With GUNNISON, Phillips heads straight into the sunset.

Phillips’ second full-length release is an exploration of the American West — ferocious, spectral and sweet. His colloquial ballads and soul-tinged voice find a thrilling new backdrop on the frontier. Phillips approaches GUNNISON with a fresh grit and charisma; his vocals are bolder, angrier and more desperate. GUNNISON pushes the boundaries of typical singer-songwriter fare, probing modern rock, indie and soul, and diving headfirst into classic country.

GUNNISON is Phillips’ follow-up and antithesis to 2008’s BULLETS & BONES, an acclaimed Southern gothic panorama of narrative, love and death. But the unassuming voice heard on BULLETS has matured to one of command and confidence.

“I’m proud and very fond of BULLETS & BONES,” Phillips said, “because the performances are naiive and charming. And I’m glad to let that be what it is. But GUNNISON is on a new level. I’ve learned to take charge.”

Though a native Texan, Phillips didn’t join the Austin music scene until 2008. His prior years were spent elsewhere along the I-35 corridor, honing his craft. He describes GUNNISON as an “Austin record,” it being the end result of his first two years in town. And GUNNISON features performances from a handful of friends, Austin artists and longtime collaborators.

“All the people I’ve met, and the things I’ve learned from them made this record what it is,” Phillips said. “I’ve been fortunate.”