Bob Cheevers

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Bob Cheevers has earned a place in the Americana Music landscape after growing up in Memphis and getting a soul full of music not only from the icons of his youth such as Elvis and Johnny Cash but also from his mother, who was a radio star during the Great Depression performing with the Big Bands of that era. A hundred year old photo of his grandmother graces the cover of his “Gettysburg To Graceland” CD. From an early age, Bob’s creative feet were firmly planted in Mississippi Delta mud, and his songs began to feature characters whose lives reflected the life style along the rivers of the South over the past hundred years.

The 2011 Texas Music Awards winner for “Singer/songwriter of the year”, Bob is also winner of an Emmy and the Kerrville and Napa Valley Music Festivals. Two of his 8 commercial CDs were Euro Americana top 10, and two were US Americana top 20. After 16 years in the Nashville music industry, Bob moved to Texas in 2009 and began to meet Austin’s A-list artists, musicians and producers including Stephen Doster who produced Bob’s 2010 “Tall Texas Tales” which saw the aformentioned Americana success. Doster says…“When you listen to Bob Cheevers, you’ll be hearing a singer-songwriter at top of his game. Bob came to Texas, looked around and began to write about the things he saw. His observations about Texas made me wanna go there…and I’m from Texas. Not only is “Tall Texas Tales” a wonderful travelogue of my great state, it is full of songs that could only be written by a man whose life is rich with experience and deep insight. Bob Cheeevers is an American classic…make no mistake about it!”
The combination of Bob’s musical family background, his 60’s-70’s pop hits during his years in the LA music scene, his being asked by Johnny Cash to join Cash on what would be his final tour and most recently becoming a fixture in the Austin music scene has resulted in Bob fine tuning his musical voice and spinning his rootsy, blues-flavoured tales of life in a conversational language of the heart.

“Tall Texas Tales”
Critics and Peers

”Bob Cheevers is one cool scarecrow gypsy poet who writes and sings the romantic beautiful truth. When he releases a record, I listen.”
— Ray Wylie Hubbard

“This time my friend Bob turns his eagle eye on Texas, and turns in a beautiful collection of expertly produced pieces of life down here. Well done bro. This thing kicks ass,”
— Kevin Welch

“Bob Cheevers is an American treasure and a true tunesmith-troubadour. His new album defines his spirit and is a wonderful addition to any Americana playlist”
— Rick Star…President…Homegrown Americana Radio Consulting

“Bob Cheevers came to Austin quite recently, but he’s already familiar with the map of Texas. Tall Texas Tales is filled with colorful stories and vivid settings. The album is a proof of a passion for storytelling that’s usually only shown by local veterans. The album feels like a fresh new start.”
—Gert-Ove Fridlund – Hallandsposten Magazine

“What a pleasure to hear about Texas thru the words of Bob Cheevers… brilliant, believable artist and total entertainer”.
— Lee Duffy…Texas Songwriter’s Association
Austin Songwriters Group (Executive Director), Singer/songwriter