Bad Alpha

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This week, host Francois Pointeau, will be talking with members of London based band Bad Alpha, Polly Trenow & Ben Mitchell.

Listen to the Interview.

Benedict Mitchell bought his first guitar in May 2004 and had written 28 songs as Bad Alpha by the time Polly Trenow first added tentative harmony and percussion in June 2010.
They embarked upon a musical adventure that has so far produced studio recordings with musicians in London, New York, DC and New Orleans – the debut album is taking shape!
They currently reside in Austin, Texas but will soon return to London to further transmogrify into a psychedelic breakbeat extravaganza.

You can listen to Bad Alpha on these sites:

Bad Alpha will be performing LIVE on 08.12.11 at Aviary Lounge at 2110 South Lamar.

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