Andrew Stone

Please join us this Wednesday for our conversation with writer & singer-songwriter Andrew Stone.

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Born in Kansas City, Andrew Stone started as a young guitar player inspired by the Beatles, Jimmy Page and John Coltrane. “Soon I was compelled to be a songwriter and sing my own songs” He made his musical pilgrimage to Austin Texas to perfect his craft. “I flew to Austin, sight unseen. I had a guitar in a case and a luggage bag – that was it. I had an idea of what I wanted to sound like, but I needed to go through a training of sorts. ” Immediately following his arrival, Andrew started performing at open mics seven nights a week to immerse himself in performing and writing. “When I perform I feel I’m creating a living organism, something that breathes, the songs come alive and walk around, dance and emit sparks. I would like to think my songs bring a very melodic element to rock and roll.”