Andrew Matthews and Katie Graham

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This is our second post-SXSW13 special edition show.

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Our featured guests are Andrew Matthews and Katie Graham, co-directors of ZERO CHARISMA.

However, we’ll start the show with a special guest from a completely different kind of festival: Nick Courtright will read a couple of poems and talk about Poetry at Round Top, it’s their 12th annual festival! April 26-28.

Metal-loving gamer geek Scott Weidemeyer lives with his ornery grandmother and works a lousy job at a donut shop. But every Tuesday night, he is the omnipotent Game Master, guiding his role-players through a tabletop journey of fantasy and adventure. However, when neo-nerd hipster Miles joins his game, Scott begins to resent the admiration Miles receives from the other players. To make matters worse, the health of his grandmother begins to falter, and his estranged mother visits town, reminding Scott of a childhood he’d just as soon forget. Caught in a spiral of rage and delusion, Scott is forced to take drastic steps to reclaim his honor, and his identity as the Game Master.

Credits Filmmakers
Directed by Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews
Written by Andrew Matthews
Director of Photography Ellie Ann Fenton
Produced by Thomas Fernandes, Ezra Venetos, Katie Graham, Andrew Matthews
Executive Producers Lindsay Stephenson, Michael Stephenson, Rod Olson
Edited by Andrew Matthews and Katie Graham
Original Music Bobby Tahouri

Sam Eidson as Scott, Garrett Graham as Miles, Brock England as Wayne, Anne Gee Byrd as Wanda, Cyndi Williams as Barbara, Katie Folger as Kendra, John Gholson as Pete, Larry Jack Dotson as Bob, and Dakin Matthews as Greg Goran

The Production
Zero Charisma was shot in Austin, TX over three weeks in the spring of 2012 in digital 4K, helmed by longtime filmmaking collaborators Andrew Matthews and Katie Graham, produced by Thomas Fernandes and Ezra Venetos, and lensed by AFI graduate Ellie Ann Fenton.

Zero Charisma originally gained attention through an IndieGoGo campaign launched by the filmmakers in 2011. It surpassed its goal and raised $25,000 in under 30 days. At the same time, the Texas Filmmakers’ Production Fund awarded the film a $5,000 production grant.

Andrew Matthews – Writer/Co-Director/Producer
Andrew Matthews is an actor, writer, director and editor. He edited both the 2009 award-winning documentary Best Worst Movie and the critically acclaimed feature documentary, The American Scream. In 2010, he directed the Scottish Rite Theatre and Black Swan Events co-production of Hamlet, and is also a trained Shakespearean actor with an MFA from the Academy for Classical Acting at The George Washington University. Zero Charisma is his feature directorial debut.

Katie Graham – Co-Director/Producer
Katie Graham has been shooting and editing professionally for over 10 years. She was the Director of Photography and co-editor of the award-winning documentary Best Worst Movie as well as the award-winning documentary The American Scream. Katie has spent the last 5 years producing original content for YouTube under her vlogger name K80Blog. Her channel has gained over 17,000 subscribers and her videos have accrued almost 20 million views to date. Zero Charisma is her feature directorial debut.