Rich Restaino & THE OBITS


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We had a lot of fun having Rich Restaino & THE OBITS perform live in studio 1 of KOOP. It was a lot of fun and all involved were ecstatic about the live performance and the calls we were receiving.

Unfortunately, the audio recording of the show did not come out well. To hear Rich Restaino & THE OBITS, you might try their myspace page for listening to portions of the songs or purchasing a CD.  We do look forward to having the band visit again.


On Wednesday, March 10, 2010, Writing on the Air has the pleasure of having Rich Restaino & THE OBITS discuss and perform songs from their new CD, We’re in This Thing Together.

Rich Restaino & The Obits, an Austin eight-piece band, plays original pop music with heavy rhythm & blues and soul influences. Restaino came to Austin from New York in 2000 and, after eight years playing in various projects, formed The Obits. Combining elements of Motown, ’60s girl-group, and UK power-pop, the band has released two records since 2009, including the new full-length, “We’re in This Thing Together”. Restaino’s song “My Favorite Remedy” was recently selected the winner in the rock category of America’s Best Songs Open Door Song Contest, 2010.

About the band members:

David Wylie: drums. Daveis a native Austinite; he has been playing with Restaino for about five years. Restaino wrote a song that attempted to sum Dave up: “The Enigmatic, Aerodynamic Percussionist”

Alex Sefchick: bass. Alex co-produced the new Obits record with Restaino. He also was the engineer and wrote the horn charts. He’s a Berklee College of Music graduate and plays in several other outfits around Texas, including the Jim Halfpenny Band and Fever Tree Rising.

Hunt Wellborn: guitar/vocals. Hunt also fronts his own band, The Tex Offenders. He’s a graphic designer by day, working for the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum. He did the artwork for The Obits’ first CD, The C’est La Vie EP. He’s also a true barbecue artisan.

Lloyd Wright: keyboards. Lloyd is a native of California who came to Austin by way of Tennessee. He studied organ under Chester “Chet the Jet” Smith and has played and recorded with many bands in his 20-plus years as a musician. He is also a skilled contractor.

Sara Shansky: vocals/percussion. Sara is an accomplished songwriter and solo artist, having released several CDs under her own name. She teaches music and art and recently sang at a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game.

Roz Mandola: vocals/percussion. Roz comes from a background in musical theater and hits the high notes in The Obits. She does promotions work for the Bob Bullock Texas History Museum and enjoys working out choreography with the other Obit girls.

Elzie Ivey Restaino: vocals/percussion/melodica. This is Elzie’s first foray in a rock band. She studied piano as a girl and has recently taken up the ukulele. She is an English teacher and believes firmly that punctuation saves lives.

Rich Restaino: vocals/guitar. Rich was given the handle “Choirmaster” by Hunt, in reference to the way Restaino runs rehearsals. Like his wife Elzie, he earns his living teaching English. Rich has played with several Austin groups, including Mr. Brown, The Lennings, and The Late Fees. Since 2003, he has released six CDs on his own tiny independent imprint, Madhouse!

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