Trina “TiTi Ladette” Cleveland

Please join us this Wednesday for our conversation with author, spoken word artist, inspirational speaker, and entrepreneur Trina “TiTi Ladette” Cleveland.

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Trina “TiTi Ladette” Cleveland has found a new way to live through writing and poetry. For years she struggled with addiction and mental illness, but after publishing her memoir, “The Pink Elephant in the Middle of the Getto” (intentionally misspelled) she has gone on to become a productive member of society, giving back through her nonprofit.

Although she is a socially conscious individual who lives her life based upon spiritual principles, she felt that writing a collection of Urban Fiction would provide a creative outlet that would enable her to release the stories that live on the inside of her.

Trina is a multi-gifted woman who is convinced that she is no longer merely existing, but living up to her extraordinary potential. She is a Published Author, a Spoken Word Artist, an Inspirational Speaker, and Entrepreneur. Recently she added acting to her list, after securing a major role in the hit play, the “Woman Up Monologues”.