Thom the World Poet & Hailey Tuck & Kevin Lovejoy

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This week are guests are poet Thom the World Poet and musician Hailey Tuck.

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Thom World Poet Austin, Texas, USA is a Global Radical net worker and activist for promoting the live Creative Arts, at every possible opportunity, especially in his home-city, Austin, Texas, USA.

Hailey is a chanteuse. I met her a couple of years ago in a bar where she was singing, and I thought she sang wonderfully.

Keyboardist Kevin Lovejoy, a Houston native has toured with such artists as Michelle Branch, Fastball, Spoon, John Mayer among others. His role with his long time collaborater Kat Edmonson, which resulted in her critically acclaimed debut album Take To The Sky, has secured his status as a heavily sought after producer, arranger and session musician.

After spending the last 10 months singing in Paris, France, Hailey Tuck has returned to her hometown Austin, Tx to record her first full-length album with stellar line-up of musicians including Chris Maresh, Scott Laningham, Ephraim Owens, Elias Haslanger, and Kevin Lovejoy as arranger producer.

Hailey and Kevin are currently raising funds on Indiegog for Hailey’s First Full-length Album.

Learn more about Hailey by visiting her website:

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