Teresa Roberson, Wade Martin, and Joseph Thomas Huggins

Please join us for another edition of Writing on the Air. This week we talk with two of the featured poets at the upcoming Feminist Poetry Festival, Teresa Roberson & Wade Martin, as well as with documentary filmmaker Joseph Thomas Huggins.

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Poet and fiction writer, Teresa Y. Roberson, has spent many a sleepless night tossing, turning and gnashing teeth during her years as an international math and science teacher. Until one faithful night, she realized the problem wasn’t her anxieties, but the muse encouraging her to write down those powerful thoughts, flowing through her mind. In her Spoken Word for Insomniacs workshop, Roberson will guide you through writing exercises to transform agitating thoughts into compelling spoken word—so you too can sleep better, even in a Peruvian international airport.

Wade Martin is an Austin poet who enjoys the sound of Focaccia bread but not the taste, who believes the titles of movies are a lasting reflection of their greatness, and who has been published in several local journals, including Di-Verse-City, Texas Poetry Calendar, and The Enigmatist.

The festival is the 12th (5 pm – 10 pm) and 13th (9 am – 10 pm). The location is Link & Pin Gallery, which is 2235 E. 6th, Suit 102. You can also learn more by visiting their website: ATXFeministFest.Wordpress.com.

Joseph Huggins is a 27 year old amateur film maker and founder of Old Man Huggie Productions. His first major venture is filming a documentary about finding his own birth parents. After a major bike accident 2 years ago he decided to delve into the mystery of his birth parents. Growing up in a very unique environment, the film will examine his childhood and other people’s experiences in being adopted while tracking down his biological family.

Check out his page on Facebook: facebook.com/HuggiesTheMovie, and his video blog on YouTube