Robin Cravey

Please join us this Wednesday 06.13.12 with host Dillon McKinsey as we talk with poet Robin Cravey. We go LIVE every Wednesday from 6-7pm Central Texas Time on your local Austin 91.7 FM dial. You can also stream us LIVE

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Born and raised in Houston, son of hard working people, Robin Cravey grew up loving poetry, science, and the outdoors. He moved to Austin in 1969 to go to UT on hippie time, while being educated on the streets and highways, too. He earned a degree in American Studies. He married Jane Kurzawa in 1977, and they have two daughters, Emma & Molly. To date they have been married 35 years and living in South Austin 33 years. He has worked as cabdriver, newspaperman, editor, publisher, and other. He is always active in the life of the city. Robin earned a law degree in 1995, worked as a city council aide for three years, then resigned to found The Law Office of Robin Theobald Cravey. He’s still in solo law practice in downtown Austin.