Michael Lynn Sadler, Jessi Lane, Barbara Youngblood Carr, Susan Stockton & Katya Bochenkova

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Michael Lynn Sadler

Michael Lynn Sadler is a poet living in Austin, Texas. He currently serves as Art Chair for Austin International Poetry Festival and co-edited the 2010 and 2011 poetry anthology Di-verse-City. Through intense lyrical language and concise imagery his work explores the modern social and political dynamics shaping our increasingly factional culture. His previous collection Faith of Mortals was published in 2003. His most recent collection Prisoner’s Dilemma is currently available through Smudge Fire Press. For more information or to contact him please visit smudgefire.com.

Jessi Lane

Jessi Lane, originally from Arizona, came to Austin after spending a year in Chicago working in the magazine publishing world. She is currently serving her second year with AmeriCorps, focusing on the issue of college access for high school students. Jessi coordinates the youth activities for the Austin International Poetry Festival.

Barbara Youngblood Carr

Author of 14 books of poetry/prose and short stories about her Native American Cherokee heritage and growing up in TX, the South and Southwest (9 books in her Ancestor Series partially funded by the City of Austin arts Commission); storyteller/humorist/editor/musician; Austin International Poetry Festival Board member (secretary many years, co-Editor of annual Anthology 7 yrs and Editor 3 yrs); venue host and workshop facilitator in Austin for 18 years; published in many newspapers, journals, anthologies and magazines; published on 3 continents; appointed as National Poet Laureate for the Military Order of the Purple Heart in Wash, DC 2005-2008; in Sep 2009, received the first White Buffalo Native American Poet Laureate Award for her Native American writing. Visit her website at ancestorpoet.com. Complete list of publications on website.

Susan Stockton

Susan is a tall Texas redhead who loves this festival. She is CEO of Stockton Enterprises- a house full of kids and animals. You can also find her masquerading as a public relations professional at one of our local universities. A woman committed to recovery, her poems and readings are a confession of her sumptuous life, which she is chronicling in her blog- recoveringdharma.com. Whether climbing, singing, or sitting quietly in meditation, she does everything with her whole heart.

Katya Bochenkova

Katya Bochenkova writes poems that upon rereading say new things. Fluent in three languages, she weaves the grammar, thoughts and structure of many cultures to create haunting, evocative landscapes where what the reader brings helps shape what they find. A local Austin poet with ties to Kiev, Ukraine, Katya has been published in both English and Russian. By day, she runs a school, keeps her cats out of mischief and lives out the family motto “things are not what they seem.” By night, she can be found writing, collaborating on music projects and listening to the stars.”