Michael Czarnecki

This week, we have the pleasure of presenting a conversation François recorded on October 28, 2013 with poet & publisher Michael Czarnecki.

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Listen to the interview

“This is possibly one of the best conversations I’ve had with a poet in my five years of doing WOTA, and the reason it took me so long to share it with all of you is because I wanted to keep it to myself.” François Pointeau, host of Writing on the Air. “I realize that I have been selfish, and that I couldn’t keep this for myself anymore. Michael is a wonderful man, and his message speaks directly to me, to my very core.”

“From that first time writing a poem, over 47 years ago, I have not been able to stop writing poetry. That first poem, about the Vietnam war, was influenced by the folk music songs of the 60’s. Other poetic influences over the intervening decades have been Robert Frost, Gary Snyder, Robinson Jeffers, Lew Welch, T’ao Ch’ien, Basho, Ryokan, Su Tung-P’o and countless others.” Michael Czarnecki.

Please read more on Michael’s website.