Michael Casares, Robert Stikmanz, Amanda Kimmerly

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Robert Stikmanz & Amanda Kimmerly of Confabule are in the process of launching a new festival for Austin writers, musicians and artists. They have just raised the funds needed to get going on 3000 Weeks, their new festival. They also publish books.

There YouTube Channel is ThreeThousandWeeks.

To classify Confabule’s Executive Director, Robert Stikmanz, as just another author would be to pour hot coffee over ice and call it Toddy–an inherent blunder! He is a Creative, a visionist, a complete eco-socio-political geek from La Porte, Texas, trying to impact the world through love, intelligence and imagination. With a degree in English and a background in film, philosophy and semiotics, Robert comes fully armed with the finest of artistic weaponry: a cycle of offbeat fantasy novels, invented language, oracle, gameboard, Dvarsh songs on Bouzouki, pencil drawings and stunning, psychedelic visual masterpieces. (And when unguarded, a slight East Texican twang!) He began work on The Hidden Lands of Nod cycle in 1983 and continues to grow the world of Habdvarsha through all possible media. For more on Robert, see his personal web site, RobertStikmanz.com.

Fellow Creative and Confabule’s Editorial Director, Amanda Kimmerly, writes fiction, poetry and book reviews. Graduating magna cum laude in Journalism from Stephen F. Austin State University, she quickly realized the world of fantasy and imagination spoke much louder than boring bylines. As the commander for all things Stikmantik and Confabulous, she maintains equal fervor to impact the world through art, love, and imagination. Her fiction appears in Storychord magazine, Kerouac’s Dog, and is forthcoming in 5923 Quarterly. Her poetry appears in Pear Noir!, Strong Verse, Poetry for the Masses, and REAL: Regarding Arts and Letters. Follow her blog at MessyMuse.wordpress.com.

Michael Aaron Casares lives in Ausitn, TX. He is the publisher behind Virgogray Press, an independent publishing house that focuses primarily on poetry and independent artists. He is also editor of Carcinogenic Poetry and Nothing. No One. Nowhere. His book, This Reality of Man (Lizard’s Tale Press, 2011) collects several poems, some published in journals, such as: Eviscerator Heaven, Heavy Bear, Gloom Cupboard, The San Antonio Express News, The Clockwise Cat, The Austin Chronicle, Calliope Nerve and others.