Louis Lafair & Jim Musgrave

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This week, we meet the winner of the National Teen Poet of 2013, Louis Lafair. We'll also listen to a prerecorded interview that Narissa & Erin recorded last month with novelist Jim Musgrave about his book Forevermore.

Listen to the Interview.

Forevermore, Jim Musgrave's first book in the Detective Patrick O’Malley series, finds our hero is staying in the Bronx cottage of his old friend Edgar Allan Poe. He finds a poem and some handwritten notes which spur him to investigate Poe’s mysterious death. Along the way his best allies for help and information are a gangster and Miss Rebecca Charming, Madame of a successful brothel.

He takes the old and brings it into the 21st century by creating apps whereby, as he says, you can carry the 1860s in your pocket to visit whenever you like.

Visit Jim's website to learn more about him and his work: ContempInstruct.com/Forevermore. Or check out his blog.

Louis Lafair is a senior at St. Stephen’s High School in Austin, Texas. He’s been “playing with words” since second grade. Louis translates his love of writing, reading, speaking, connecting, and challenging preconceived notions into all aspects of his life. As co-licensee and MC for TEDXYouth@Austin, Louis leads a team of more than twenty students and adults, and has worked with a wide range of speakers, including slam poet Joaquin Zihuatanejo. He serves as editor for Proteus, his school’s literary magazine. For Louis, the National Student Poets Program is a remarkable opportunity to connect, through written and spoken poetry, with a larger community.

Learn more about Louis and his work by clicking here.