Line by Line Beta Reader & Austin International Poetry Festival

We have tons of people planned for Wednesday from 6-7pm Central Texas Time. Jennifer Zehler and Alisha Ashley will be here to talk about their new project Line by Line Beta Reader. Joe Brundidge (Element615), Liza Wolff-Francis and Mark My Words Wendell will be here to talk about the upcoming Austin International Poetry Festival.

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Listen to the interview.

Alisha Ashley and Jennifer Zehler of Line by Line Beta Reader.

Line by Line Beta Reader is a company of editors and readers designed to help both indie and traditional writers of fiction reach their publication goals. Friends and family members, while helpful, can’t always provide authors with unbiased commentary and that’s where a confidential beta reader comes in. Through targeted, professional proofreading, Line by Line Beta Reader offers a tiered system that provides authors with any level of feedback their manuscript might need. Services range from a general read and review all the way to line by line copyediting, all conducted by trained, experienced reviewers.

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22nd Annual Austin International Poetry Festival April 3-6, 2014

The Austin International Poetry Festival (AIPF) is a four-day citywide, all-inclusive celebration of poetry and poets that has grown to become “the largest non-juried poetry festival in the U.S.”
Poets from all over the globe come to Austin to read, write, workshop and celebrate poetry. There are adult and youth events, slams, and readings throughout the city. Though there are featured poets and other special guests to enjoy, the festival is the perfect place for a first timer, as all poets share an equal stage. The AIPF is a grassroots endeavor that has been going on for 22 years that, in addition to promoting poetry, does a great job helping keep Austin weird.

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