Laurie Coker

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Host Dora, talks with writer & actor Laurie Coker.

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Laurie Coker is an author, poet, illustrator, actor and teacher. A native Texan,
she and her husband reside in Austin. Although this is her first published
collection of short stories, The Chair was published in Stone Drum literary magazine in 1986
and her poems have appeared in numerous publications including the Signal, Stone Drum,
and Periplum. She is a retired health promotion specialist for the USA WIC program
which published two of her bilingual children’s books, Beans for Breakfast/Desayuno
con Frijoles and Jump for Joy con Blanca. Her film credits include An Ordinary Family,
Aartois the Goat and Tom’s Wife. She is also the voice of Mrs. Dowager on www.wizard 101.