Kirpal Singh

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Kirpal has been writing poems since the age of eight when his first poem was read aloud to his class to great amusement! In 1972, while still an undergraduate, he brought out Articulations, an anthology of seven young poets all earmarked to make it big in years to come. Since then Kirpal’s poems have been appearing in magazines, newspapers, journals and books all over the world. He brought out his most acclaimed collection, Catwalking and the Games We Play, in 1998 and has two collections due out this year. As a scholar Kirpal’s various essays, presentations, articles, interviews are the sites for provocation, stimulation and contestation because in each he breaks new ground, leading others in the field to discuss, debate, challenge and demonstrate agreement or disagreement. In 1999, he was asked to join the new Singapore Management University and spearhead its unique Creativity Program. In 2004, he brought out Thinking Hates & Colored Turbans: Creativity Across Cultures (Prentice-Hall), a book which challenged several received assumptions about creativity and set forth new parameters for debate.

Kirpal has been invited to some of the best arts/ literary festivals in the world, including Edinburgh, Toronto, York, Cambridge, Melbourne, Adelaide, Manila and Berlin. He has also been invited to give Keynotes and Plenaries at some of the top universities of the world — such as Yale, MIT, Columbia, Cambridge, Oxford, Georgetown, College of William & Mary — where he has also read his creative works. He is currently the Director of the Wee Kim Wee Centre at the Singapore Management University and is completing a book on leadership across cultures, Down With Sacred Cows.