Jon Hogan and Maria Moss & Simon Fruelund and Charlotte Gullick

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This week, our guests are musicians Jon Hogan & Maria Moss, and writers Simon Fruelund & Charlotte Gullick.

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Since the publication of his first book in 1997, Simon Fruelund has been one of Denmark’s most delightfully entertaining writers. He possesses a rare gift for creative reinvention. From his early realist-inspired stories (“Tide,” “What is It?” and “Hair”) to his later “pointillist” work (“Man on the Bus,” “Civil Twilight”), Fruelund finds new ways to express and shape his ever-developing artistic vision. He is the author of five books, among them Mælk (1997) and Panamericana (2012). His work has been translated into Italian, Swedish, and English, and his short stories have appeared in a number of magazines across the U.S, including World Literature Today, Redivider, and Absinthe.

For nine years Fruelund worked as an editor at Denmark’s largest publishing house, Gyldendal, but is now writing full time. For more information, please visit

Charlotte Gullick is a novelist, poet, essayist, educator, editor, and public speaker. A native of the Leggett Valley in Mendocino County, California, she grew up during the area’s transition from logging to marijuana production, and the resulting tensions inform much of her writing. Her awards include a Christopher Isherwood Fellowship for Fiction, a Santa Fe Writer’s Project Grand Prize, a Colorado Council on the Arts Fellowship for Poetry, and a MacDowell Colony Residency. She is currently Department Chair of Creative Writing at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas. For more information:

Scorch folk: New, old-time country music. Original songs with an Appalachian root and a blistering, modern take on vintage mountain music. Locomotive picking. Percussive rhythm. Wild harmony. Primitive-modernist music to feed your soul and blow the doors off your Ford.

Jon Hogan & Maria Moss have played more than ‘200 shows in 2013, touring to more than a dozen states. They’ve toured the California and the Rocky Mountain West for six weeks beginning in August 2012. They were selected for the 2013 cast of Smoky Mountains Tunes and Tales, a summer revue produced by the city of Gatlinburg, TN. Shortly after the eight-week residency ended, they had the opportunity to record “Reuben’s Train” in Nashville with a pair of star players. You’ll hear more about “Reuben’s Train” and Hogan & Moss’ work in Nashville in the weeks to come.

Learn more about the duo on their webpage, and watch a Youtube video of them doing their thing in Gatlinburg.