Joe Jiménez

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Author Joe Jiménez will be our guest this week. Jiménez is an accomplished writer and poet who recently released his debut novel Bloodline earlier this year.

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Joe Jiménez is the author of The Possibilities of Mud (Kórima Press, 2014) and Bloodline  (Arte Público, 2016),  a young adult novel. Jiménez is the recipient of the 2016 Letras Latinas/ Red Hen Press Poetry Prize and holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles.

Jiménez starred in El Abuelo (Dino Dinco, 2008), a short film based upon his poem by the same name. El Abuelo has been screened in Belgium, the Netherlands, Mexico, France, Argentina, Ireland, England.

Jiménez lives in San Antonio, Texas, and is a member of the Macondo Workshops.

On Bloodline:

“A moving, almost-suffocating, haunting exploration of what defines manhood.” — Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)  Also Listed as a Kirkus “Best Books Out” 

“A punch in the gut, Bloodline is an exceptional debut novel. Joe Jimenez’s killer literary instinct, his precision of language, his mastery of story is second to none. There is no young adult novel quite like this one. It challenges the way we think about masculinity, family, and love.” — Virginia Grise, author of blu

el abueloOn the film, El Abuelo:

Shot on location in San Antonio, Texas, “El Abuelo” is an intimate portrait of local educator and poet, Joe Jimenez. Through the meditative process of ironing his clothes (a duty often identified as womens’ work), we experience Joe in that familiar goal of finding the perfect crease. Of all domestic chores, ironing is the only one a homeboy is more than happy to master, as masterful ironing is the key to reaching an appearance of perfection. And to a homeboy, perfect creases work hand in hand with the power of attraction. Through voiceover, we hear Joe reading his poem, El Abuelo, and learn of the potency of ironing that’s used to capture the attention of his first vato, his first love of another man. Written by Dino Dinco

the possibilities of mudOn The Possibilities of Mud:

“Shaped by the lovely tendrils of question marks, Jiménez’s poems are a wondrously insistent search for the deeper, more primordial truths that our urban-built environments rarely allow.” – Pablo Miguel Martínez, author of Brazos, Carry Me

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