James Rossignol and a special prerecorded interview with Ire’ne Lara Silva

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This week we are going to talk about translating poetry, with Baudelaire expert, James Rossignol. We start with a ten minute interview recorded at the Austin Feminist Poetry Festival that took place last month.

Listen to the Interview.

James Rossignol is an English professor at San Antonio College, where he has taught composition, creative writing, science fiction, and ESL. He founded the Poets in the Night reading series there. For several years now, he has also served as a judge for San Antonio Public Library’s Young Pegasus Poetry competition, the longest-running poetry contest for children and adolescents in the United States. In the early 1990s, he and Siu Ping Rossignol edited and produced SA: An Opinionated Journal of Opinionated Essays, quite likely the only small press magazine at the time devoted solely to the essay. Their Jamming Staplers Press, in addition, published two poetry chapbooks, “The Certitude of Laundromats,” by Albert Huffstickler and “The Third Temptation of Saint John,” by John Igo. In 2001, in collaboration with Michael Ambrose and Hendle Rumbault of Argo Press, they published Igo’s On Poetry and Poetics, a compendium of hard-hitting essays and advice for both seasoned and beginner poet. Poems of his appear in works from Idaho, Maine, California, Texas, and Ireland.


Poetry is what we will take to the stars that explains who we are and what we mean