It’s Membership Drive!

Hello WOTA friends!

On Friday September 6, 2013, 91.7 FM starts its bi-yearly membership drive. We need YOU to give us some money.

We do this every six months so that we can continue putting out all the great programming that we produce as a community radio station every single day of the year. We are a volunteer ran radio station. All of us at do this because we love it and because we love creating great radio and because that’s how we give back to the community.

“Writing on the Air,” the show that I co-host and co-produce with Erin Cornett & Narissa Johnson has been on the air for close to 15 years! And I’ve been with the show for more than five of them. It’s been a great ride, loads of fun, and one of the best hour of my week every single week, week after week.


Every Wednesday, I get to meet and speak with one or more writer, filmmaker, singer-songwriter, poet, or some other kind of artist who likes to tell stories for a living or for fun, or for both. It’s an amazing treat for me! And it’s an amazing treat for the community at large to get to hear all these personal stories from all these artists on and about their creative process, their writing, their books, their songs, their poems, and how they make the world a better place by just being themselves and by doing their stuff!

And how are we able to make this happen week after week without any advertising? We are able to make this happen because of you, our listeners and supporters. By your generous donations, we continue to produce Writing on the Air, as well as all the other great shows on 91.7 FM.

Please donate to When you donate online, make sure you write in that you are donating in honor of the show “Writing on the Air.” The first 10 people who donates at the sustainer level will receive a thank you book. Author Jan Marquart has donated 5 of her books for this. I am donating 2 copies of Beer Songs for the Lonely, and 3 copies of Neurotica by Elva Maxine Beach that I published several years ago.

If you want to donate one or more books to be donated on WOTA during this membership drive and during our regular season, please just drop them off at the station in care of WOTA.

On September 11, 2013, we will have author Jan Reid on the show. He wrote a biography of Ann Richard, and we will donate two of his book, Let the People In: The Life and Times of Ann Richards during the show.

Then for our second Membership Drive show, we will have author Kenneth Maness who will bring one or more copies of his book Desire: The Key volume one in his vampire trilogy. The second volume is coming out soon, so he might bring a copy of that as well.

Basically, this is going to be a fun membership drive! So join us in the fun by making a donation to your favorite radio station! The faster we raise the $75,000 we need to raise, the sooner we stop the membership drive and go back to our regular programming.

Thanks for your time! Thanks for listening! Thanks for being the cool awesome folks you are! Cheers & Peace to all!

François Pointeau

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