Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, issue #40

This week, in honor of the new edition of Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review — issue#40 Launch coming up on on June 8th at 3pm at Malvern Books! We have invited managing editor Ryan Sharp as well as featured poet Laurie Ann Guerrero.

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Poet Laureate of San Antonio, Laurie Ann Guerrero is the author of A Tongue in the Mouth of the Dying (Notre Dame Press 2013), a chapbook, Babies under the Skin (Panhandler 2007). Guerrero’s poetry and critical work have appeared in Huizache, Texas Monthly, Bellevue Review, Women’s Studies Quarterly, Texas Observer, Chicana/Latina Studies, Feminist Studies and others. Her honors include the Academy of American Poets Prize from Smith College, the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize, the Alfredo Cisneros del Moral Award, among others. A CantoMundo Fellow and member of the Macondo Writers’ Workshop, Guerrero holds degrees from Smith College and Drew University and has served on the faculty at Palo Alto College, University of the Incarnate Word, University of Texas-El Paso, and Gemini Ink. She lives and writes in the Southside of San Antonio.

You can learn more about Laurie by visiting her website,

Ryan Sharp holds an MFA in Writing from Pacific University. His poetry and reviews have appeared or are forthcoming in several journals including Callaloo, Silk Road, Rio Grande Review, and PANK. He lives in Austin, TX, where he serves as the managing editor for Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review.