Bob Makela

Please, join us for another edition of Writing on the Air! This week, we speak with writer extraordinaire Bob Makela. We go live from 6-7pm every Wednesday on 91.7FM. You can also stream us LIVE on

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Bob Makela has been writing professionally for nearly three decades. He’s been paid to write magazine articles, screenplays, sitcom scripts, internet shows, newspaper columns, blog posts, onstage banter for rock stars and a memoir about barhopping around the U.S. for 100 days in his VW bus. In 2006, he published his first book, Poetry For People Who Don’t Read Poetry. In 2012, he published Barstool Poetry (The Early Years: 1992-2000). His next anthology of poems, Barstool Poetry (The Best of Austin: 2013), will be published in January 2014. Makela is also publishing B.O.B. — A Blog Story (Vol. 1: Here & There), a collection of stories from his 10+ years of blogging, later this month. He’s also currently writing a memoir, Follow the Arrow, about his 500-mile walk across Spain last summer. He may or may not be found driving a cab in Austin as well.

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