Austin International Poetry Festival — special yearly show

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This week is our yearly AIPF show!

Listen to the Interview.

We’ll start the show with a special guest from the other poetry festival happening this month: Joe Ahearn will read a couple of poems and talk about Poetry at Round Top, it’s their 12th annual festival! April 26-28.

Then we’ll talk with Joe Brundidge, Barbara Youngblood Carr, and Anyah Dishon of AIPF.

Check out their website 21th Annual Austin International Poetry Festival, and don’t forget to check out some poetry. It’s happening from April 11-14th!

Here’s what Barbara has to say about AIPF:

“As we remember why we are celebrating/hosting this year’s 21st “Lucky” Austin International Poetry Festival (AIPF) we keep in mind that poets dream of changing the world and helping create a perfect world of peace and beauty where we can all exist together in harmony. And poets are always dreaming. They dream all the time. And among those poetry dreamers, are the Four Founders of AIPF: Herman Nelson; John Berry; Unlimited Thom and Sue Littleton who started the dream of an International Poetry Festival twenty-one years ago.

“Our overall theme this year is “lucky” because it is a “lucky” number –not only in games of chance – but because we feel extremely “lucky” to be holding our 21st Festival.

“AIPF is the “work of heART” of volunteer-based local non-profit Austin Poets International (API), Inc. Throughout these twenty-one years – many other volunteers – both changing API Board members and dedicated volunteers – have given freely of their time and service to ensure that our unique Festival continues. Thanks to them – and to all poetry peers and friends who join us for our 21st “lucky” AIPF!”

Joe Brundidge – Better known as Element 615 (MC Name) – with Hot Tamale – Long-time Co-Host at Kick Butt Coffee – 2013 Festival director for the Austin International Poetry Festival (AIPF).

Anyah Dishon – is host to “Awesmic City Café” in Dripping Springs, a monthly poetry and music venue. She also hosts a monthly workshop called “Creating Poetry” at Englewood Estates in Austin, Texas where there are different poetry writing exercises and readings given.

Barbara Youngblood Carr is the author of 17 books of poetry/prose and short stories about her Native American Cherokee heritage and growing up in TX, the South and Southwest (9 books in her Ancestor Series partially funded by the City of Austin arts Commission). She has served as an active Board member of Austin Poets International, Inc. (which holds the largest un-juried Poetry Festival in the world annually) for twenty year.