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Once more, we have an exciting show lined up for you. We have invited six ACC students and their faculty advisor to talk with us about their experience writing, editing, and publishing the Rio Review. The release party for the review is April 30th at 7pm. You can learn more by visiting their FB events page.

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Langston Royal Gatsby is partly a figment, mined from the right side of the addled brain of a rather silly person. He is composed chiefly of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen, but also i. He enjoys singing three part disharmonies with Vermicious Knids and playing the melodica in the bathtub.

Amoya Knudson
is a writer and student from San Antonio, Tx. After leaving the military in 2009, Amoya felt inspired to pursue a creative writing degree. She graduates from ACC this spring and will be attending Texas State in the fall. Upon graduating, she plans on becoming a teacher.

Barry Maxwell is a native of Austin, Texas, and a student of Creative Writing at Austin Community College. His work has been published in The Rio Review, online in Pithead Chapel, and will appear in the forthcoming Northern Colorado Writers 2013 Pooled Ink Anthology. Barry is also the recipient of the Texas Association of Creative Writing Teachers award for undergraduate creative nonfiction, 2013.


Samantha Maddox is a native Texan, born and raised in Cypress. She relocated to Austin in 2012 and is a part time student at Austin Community College, taking creative writing classes. She is an Office Manager for a small irrigation company and also a cocktail waitress at
a local bar.

Carissa Haak is a receptionist and origami folding extraordinaire. Her work has been published in Palm Springs Life magazine as well as posted onto her grandmother’s fridge. She lives and works in Austin, TX.

Dora Robinson is a poet and historical fiction writer. Her poetry is featured in the
2014 Texas Poetry Calendar. Three Coyotes co-won the Austin Poetry Society’s
Poetry on Wheels Contest and is currently displayed on Austin buses for the riders enjoyment. She lives in Austin, Texas with her partner Beverly Williams-Hawkins and is an active member of the Austin Poetry Society.

Faculty Advisor:

Charlotte Gullick is a novelist, essayist, editor, educator and Chair of the Creative Writing Department at Austin Community College. Charlotte’s first novel, By Way of Water, was published by Blue Hen Books/Penguin Putnam and was chosen by Jayne Anne Phillips as the Grande Prize Winner of the Santa Fe Writer’s Project in 2002 and has been re-published this past fall by the Santa Fe Writers Project.