Roland B. Kemokai

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This week, we speak with author, musician, and life coach Roland B. Kemokai about his new book, SUNUMA. We’re also doing our first Poetry Segment this week, recorded by Booksmith and Misty Odom.

Listen to the Interview.

Roland B. Kemokai is an author, speaker, certified life coach, and a musician. Discarded on a dump-pile as a baby, Kemokai struggled through poverty, abuse, and a violent civil war. Through his remarkable strength and perseverance, he became valedictorian of his high school and gained admittance to college in the U.S. where he earned an Associate and Bachelor’s degrees. From there Kemokai went on to become a high school science teacher and an award-winning, syndicated radio show host. Feeling the call to help individuals live a fulfilling life, Kemokai became a certified Life, Career & Relationship coach, and launched Global Empowerment Institute, focusing on professional empowerment and personal development. Somehow during his 18-years of public speaking and launching seminars, he has found time to keep up with his love of music by writing songs and performing live with a rotating clan of singer-songwriters and musicians. He sings, plays the piano, guitar, bass guitar, and drums. Kemokai also loves to spend time with his wife and 2 young sons. Kemokai and his family live in Austin, TX.

You can learn more about Roland, by visiting his websites: &