Marc the Madman & François Pointeau

Please join us this Wednesday for François’s second to last show, where he talks with his good friend the musician Marc the Madman.

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Black Sahib

“The most memorable stories always have an ending. Thats how we make a new one. To get stories you have to experience the feeling. The way we live…is the way we feel it. Good…the bad…the sometimes ugly and yet fun. Either way you get it. You just dig it. And if we don’t…Buen Suerte.”

For over a decade Marc the Madman has been integrating his knowledge of composition with soulful blends of blues, jazz, rock, and Latin music. With only his guitar and a backpack he traveled to Central and South America working as a street musician and teacher of music. As a modern day Renaissance man and Yogi, The Madman creates music so as to enjoy novel and nostalgic ideas.


François Pointeau was born in Rennes, France, and moved to the States with his family as a child. He first self-published his poetry collection, Beer Songs for the Lonely, in 2006, and then completely rewrote it in 2013-14. He has been part of Writing on the Air since mid 2009 where he has interviewed countless poets, novelists, journalists, singer-songwriters, and all kinds of storytellers about their craft and their lives. François is leaving Austin in October to go live on the road with his dog Brutus, and travel around our great country.

He will be starting a new podcast called The Rollin’ Chateau in the next few weeks, and selling his latest book, Good Feeling: seven short stories. You can find out more about François and his travels, and details on his podcast by visiting his website,

François is holding a Goodbye Austin for now / Book Release / Fundraiser party at the Whip In in South Austin on September Tuesday 29th from 7-9pm. Andrew Hilbert, author of Death Thing, will MC; Joe Brundidge, poet and WOTA co-host will perform; musical group The If Onlys will perform; and François will read a couple of stories.

You can learn more here: François’s Book Release / Goodbye / Fundraising Party