Linda Smarzik and Lowell Mick White

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This week we’re talking with artist, writer, educator Linda Smarzik, about her new book The Mind of Thuse!! thriving within effortlessssness. We’re also talking with writer Lowell Mick White makes to tell us about Alamo Bay Writers’ Workshop, Austin 2013.

Listen to the Interview.

The Mind of Thuse

is the neuroscience, philosophy and new thought behind the process of creativity.

The book explores a new model, The Triangle of Thuse, to explain the process of creativity.

The author shows how we can apply to all parts of our lives the sense of effortlessness and non-thinking that we achieve while doing what we love.

Linda Smarzik has been teaching the creative process to college students of all ages for over three decades. Her research has produced unique insights regarding the interplay between brain function, the mind, and the process of creativity.

Learn more about her and her work by visiting her website,