Gary Kent & Joe O’Connell

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Host Francois, talks with stuntman extraordinaire Gary Kent, and filmmaker-novelist Joe O’Connell.

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Gary & Joe are currently raising money to finish the documentary that Joe is directing about Gary. If you want to learn more, and possibly donate some money, you should most definitely visit their IndieGogo page!

Originally from Renton, Washington, multi-award winning filmmaker Gary Kent’s career spans over 50 years, and includes writing/directing/acting, motion picture stunts and special effects. He has worked with directors such as Don Coscarelli, Peter Bogdanovich, Bryan DePalma, Richard Rush, and actors Jack Nicholson, Bruce Willis, Alan Arkin, Ann-Margaret and Penny Marshall. Gary has written five produced screenplays: his original Where’s Bassett’s Body? won Best Screenplay By A Texas Writer at the Lone Star Screenplay Competition. His car-jacking drag of actor Esai Morales in Rain Day Friends, a film Gary also wrote and directed, won Best Special Stunt in a Motion Picture at the International Stuntman Awards. His memoir, Shadows and Light/Journeys With Outlaws In Revolutionary Hollywood was picked by Laura Wagner, of Classic Images, as the Best Film Book of the year, 2011.

You can learn more about Gary by visiting his website

“Why am I an Artist? Well, Artists are a lot like good stuntmen. They are risk takers. Whether cinematic, musical, painting, writing, they are not simply folks who “do” what they do…every time they pick up the pen, act the part, sing the song, take a brush and splash color and form on an empty canvass, they are putting themselves on the line. Artists are seers, for sure, deft craft-persons, agile thinkers, weavers of dreams, and every time they “do” what they do, something precious about themselves is at stake. Along with their creative agility, artists leave us a bit of their souls”…..Gary Warner Kent

Joe O’Connell is the author of the award-winning novel-in-stories EVACUATION PLAN. He’s a former film columnist for The Austin Chronicle, Austin American-Statesman and The Dallas Morning News. He teaches creative writing at St. Edward’s University and Austin Community College. LOVE & OTHER STUNTS is his documentary film debut.

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