Dr. Larry Bugen, Ph.D.

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This week, Wednesday 18th of May, our guest is Dr. Larry Bugen, Ph.D.

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We are a narcissistic society — and it’s getting worse thanks, in part, to technology. You can post the minutiae of your day on Facebook and Twitter for the world to see; in-depth and in-person conversations have been pushed aside for texting incomplete sentences; and much of the self-help movement encourages people to “follow their dreams!” and “don’t take no for an answer!”

But when does a healthy interest in yourself start morphing into self-absorption and eventually into full-blown narcissism? And how does it effect our relationships, and ultimately, marriage?

Psychologist Dr. Laryy A. Bugen answers these questions and more in his book, Stuck on Me … Missing You: Getting Past Self-Absorption to Find Love (ACFEI Media, Feb 2011).

Larry Bugen, Ph.D. is a nationally recognized psychologist, photographer and writer. In private practice in Austin, Texas, for more than 30 years, he is author of several relationship books.

You can learn more by going on his website: LarryBugen.com