Christian Picciolini

Please join us this Wednesday as we talk with activist and memoirist Christian Picciolini about his book Romantic Violence: Memoirs of an American Skinhead. We prerecorded this conversation on June 10th of 2015 with co-hosts Joe Brundidge and François Pointeau, and sound engineer Erin Cornett.

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Christian Picciolini is an award-winning television producer, a prolific public speaker, and a reformed extremist. His work and life purpose are born of an ongoing and profound need to atone for a grisly past, and to make something of his time on this planet by contributing to the greater good.

After leaving the violent hate movement he was part of during his youth, he began the painstaking process of rebuilding his life. Picciolini earned a degree in International Business and International Relations from DePaul University, began his own global entertainment and media firm, and was appointed a member of the Chicago Grammy Rock Music Committee and the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival.


In 2010 and 2011, he was nominated for three regional Emmy Awards for his role as executive producer of JBTV, one of America’s longest-running nationally broadcast music television programs. He has worked as an adjunct professor at the college level, and as the community partnerships manager for Threadless, a company that combines a thriving online art community with a highly successful e-commerce business model. Additionally, in 2013, he contributed to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s and Director of Google Ideas Jared Cohen’s New York Times best seller, The New Digital Age.

Most notably, in 2010 he co-founded Life After Hate, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping communities and organizations gain the knowledge necessary to implement long-term solutions that counter all types of racism and violent extremism. In 2015, he published his memoirs, Romantic Violence: Memoirs of an American Skinhead.

An explorer by nature, Picciolini loves to learn new things and thrives on challenging himself with “positive disruptive thinking.” He values kindness, unselfishness, sincerity, and respect for all people, and believes that small ideas can change the world.

You can learn more about Christian by visiting his website,