Byron Reese

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This week, the WOTA teams talks with futurist author, Byron Reese.

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A frequent traveler to destinations rooted in the past, such as Cuba and North Korea, Byron Reese speculates on and writes about what the future of the world will be like. As a regular speaker at international, leading-edge conferences, such as SXSW, NAB, Wolfram Data Summit, IAB, and PICNIC, he delivers talks with the art of a storyteller about history, technology, and the coming golden age of humanity.

Synthesizing history and the advances of technology, Reese makes an extremely compelling case that the future will soon see the end the five main plagues of human existence: ignorance, disease, poverty, hunger, and war. And while he is clearly an optimist, he considers himself a reasoned one and is quick to point out that over the entire span of human history, the optimists have been right virtually all the time.

With this in mind, Byron has outlined our inevitable future in Infinite Progress: How the Internet and Technology Will End Ignorance, Disease, Poverty, Hunger, and War (Greenleaf Book Group, March 2013), one in which readers are sure to come away from inspired and excited about what awaits them.

A native Texan, Reese attained his BA in Economics at Rice University, and went on to create two technology-based businesses that he later sold. He now oversees R&D for Demand Media, a content and social media brand company that operates websites such as eHow and

Reese currently resides in Austin with his wife and four children.

Learn more about Byron, by visiting his website,